Cannot save graph: Selected graph id: None selected

Hi, I’m running emoncms 9.9.5 on a small home server and it is successfully getting data from an emontx shield on an arduino. The inputs, feeds, and dashboards are working as expected, but I can’t save graphs. If I add a name and click save, nothing happens. Just above the save button it says “Selected graph id: None selected.” I tried appending “?id=1” to the address, but that did not help. I just did admin → database update which fixed a dashboard issue, but not this. Ideas?

After the database update, and then a server reboot, graphs that had appeared not to save, now appear and new ones can be saved. I’m not sure what was happening or what fixed it.

Was this a browser cache problem? That seems likely.

Probably, I did that too while the server was restarting. Thanks!