Cannot re-link EmonPi after wifi router was changed

As you may tell from my question although I have been using my EmonPi for a year or so I am not that technical. All worked perfectly until I needed my Wifi router changed, and that came with a new network name and password. I have not found any way of re-inputting the new information on my account page at I have tried following the instructions of a new connection using an ethernet cable and wifi. I have tried turning the emonPi off and on during this process. The EmonPi is in my garage and too far away from the router for permanent ethernet connection. My laptop and desktops both run on windows 10. When I am trying to connect, it has EmonPi as a network if I delve, but it will not show up on the wifi networks available list. On ethernet it is unidentified. I also had the mobile app working on android via a Samsung S10. I am sure I have missed something simple but cannot find what. Help gratefully received.

I’m puzzled. is NOT the same place as the emonCMS running on your emonPi. Your account doesn’t know, and doesn’t need to know, anything about your Wi-Fi network. It will accept data from anywhere as long as it comes with the correct API key.

One thing you could do quite easily, is change the SSID and password of your network back to the old name and password. Then everything that worked before should just work again (except of course the things you’ve changed since!)

If you can’t or don’t want to do that, I suggest you do a controlled power down of the emonPi, take it and its d.c. power supply to where you have a wired connection to your router, and connect it there. Your router will tell you its IP address (you want the Ethernet one, not the old Wi-Fi one). You should then be able to log in using that IP address. Go to the Wi-Fi page in setup, search for the new network and when it’s found it, give it your new password. Once you have that, power down again and take it back into the garage. You’ll lose a few minutes of data, of course.

Tip from the top, if you get a new router, just set the SSID and password on the new rouer to match the one on the old one! Everything just then connects as before.

And that’s exactly what my second paragraph said.

Thank you.
I now have it all working again using Robert’s suggestion of bringing the emonPi to the router. I also learned a few things on the way.
Also Brian excellent suggestion that had not occured to me and by the time I posted my message it was much to late. Won’t make that mistake again.

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