Cannot login to local emoncms after updates

I have a couple of issues…

I have an emaonbase with 4 x emonTx devices. 3 of the emonTX devices are 433MHz radio and the 4th is WiFi. I wasn’t sure if mixing and matching would work, but it seemed to. I am using a local version of emoncms on the emonbase which I connect to via a browser. Fairly often the 3 radio TX devices will drop off, and be shown as “inactive” or NA. Usually a reboot of the emonbase fixes this. But today I decided to research and found other people had the same issues and a suggestion was to update the emonbase.
So I went to the admin page and selected a full update. Everything seemed to go well as there appeared to be no errors in the on screen log.
I told it to reboot, but it appeared to have not done so. I gave it a few tries before logging on via a SSH session and told the Pi to reboot. This it willingly did.

HOWEVER, now I cannot login to the emoncms main webpage. Bearing in mind I’ve looked daily at the main inputs screen so I know (I think) it was working as the numbers on the emonbase/emoncms input page changed every time I did a refresh.

But after today’s updates and reboot, I cannot login to the local emonbase/emoncms web screen. I get an error message saying user does not exist.


NOW… I set this up a while ago and maybe I forgot the login details? But I thought the login details for the emoncms web view was the same as the emonbase/SSH login, which is “pi” & “emonpi2016” respectively. Whilst I’m testing I haven’t changed anything, and these login details work via SSH so I know the user exists and works.

What am I missing?

Hello @SKiller the login details are usually created when you first set up the system it wont be pi and emonpi2016 as there’s a minimum length limit on the username of 3 characters. If you cant remember your password there is a tool that can be used via SSH to recover the password if needed.

php /opt/emoncms/modules/usefulscripts/resetpassword.php

OK, cool.
How do I find out the user I must have created?:-/

OK, I got there in the end :slight_smile:
Logged in and seeing my data

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