Cannot login to anymore

Since a few days, I cannot login anymore to
Error message: “Incorrect password, if you’re sure it’s correct try clearing your browser cache”
Cache cleaning do not help.
I already request a new password, I receive this new password and with this new PW I can login successfully to
But after updating this initial PW, I cannot login anymore.
System: ubuntu 16.04 or 18.04 with Firefox or Chromium.

Hi and welcome

Do you use special characters? I think it has a problem with them. I have told @TrystanLea.

Thanks for this fast hint,
yes I have used a standard special character and it seems that this is the problem.
A password without special character works.


PS.: Thanks to all who are involved in this great project!

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Finally! I tried to reset my password 4 times!
There should be a hint in the account page to restrict the password witout special characters

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Yes, there should, or better yet, accept them! @TrystanLea.

Sorry for the delay on this, this is now fixed, is accepting special characters again.

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