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Cannot 'find' emonbase on my network

I have an emonbase connected to my laptop via Ethernet. I’m trying to locate the ip address so that I can shut it down properly. I have tried the following:

  1. Fing - doesn’t show raspberry pi or emon pi
  2. In cmd in Windows - ping raspberrypi.local / ping emonpi.lan - request times out
  3. Looked in my router settings, but the raspberrypi Ethernet isn’t highlighted and only gives a MAC address

Is there anyway to shut it down without access to the device command line. I have access via emoncms

I’m not sure that will get an address and route correctly as the ethernet port on your laptop is not a ‘switch’. Can you plug it into your router?

Do you mean via the UI? What address are you using in the browser?

Yes, via the UI. The address in the browser is

I’m still getting request timed out when trying to ping now that i have connected directly to the router

I’m assuming that even if i do get the ip, then i will need to add the ssh.txt file to the SD card anyway before I can access the emonbase directly

i have managed to get the emonbase connected via ssh. Not sure what was wrong before, but now its working so i can switch it off correctly