Can I use the CT sensor connected to my emonPi to read DC produced by my PV Panel array

I have 4 PV arrays (Two East and two West) feeding two dual MPPT controller SMA 4000 inverters. I would like to monitor DC produced by each array. Can I connect 4 CT sensors to the cables from PV to inverter and make sense of the readings? I would like to show production on emoncms.

Any person there that is monitoring arrays separately and show info on emoncms?

Unfortunately CT’s do not work with DC, an alternative sensor/device will be needed.

I have no experience of it or even recall any detail about it, but I seem to recall a user working on something called emonDC, worth a search…

The problem with monitoring d.c. is a transformer (current and most voltage, but not auto-transformers) inherently isolate one circuit from another. For safety reasons, you need to have that isolation.
If you use a current shunt, you must use a properly designed isolation amplifier and that will invariably need two power supplies, one for each side of the isolation barrier, so a messy and expensive solution.
You can use a Hall effect device, but they tend to be for higher currents only, and you still need to break into the d.c. side and be careful to retain adequate segregation between the d.c. and your measurement side.

So it’s not easy. I have helped several people (mostly it’s in the ‘Archived’ old forums, so worth looking there too) with solutions of varying complexity. If at all possible, measure the a.c. side instead, it’s a lot easier.