Can I see when I applied a filtering input rule

I noticed I had inputs that were off (obviously erroneous data) so I added filter rules to not log those values to the feed. Ive started to notice something in my feed but I want to know if that began around the time I added those filter rules. Is there a way to see when I added the filter rules that are currently in place?

Hello @marciokoko emoncms does not record when you add input processors. What do you notice that has changed?

No, I added the input processors back in May and I believe the changes started in Sep. I think its my esp module. First I noticed that I would log into the feed page and see a long time had passed since the previous post, when the ESP is programmed to post every 180 seconds. So I would see things like this:

I would reset (power cycle) the esp module, this was just at the beginning of sept or mid september. It would start logging again and maybe to the 180seconds the first few hours but then reach hours and eventually days of no posting until I reset it again. And then I explored the graph and noticed that in recent days of sept it had long times of “no-posts” that look like this:

Ok on the picture you cant really appreciate it but not counting the outliers of sep 22 and 23, (i didnt have a rule for - outliers, only + ones) all the way up to Sep 22 there are various spots where it missed data points, quite a few data points which I can tell by mousing over the line of data points because a circle shows up when Im over a data point but it doesnt show up when Im over a line that is simply connecting 2 data points. Ive uploaded videos here:

But before Sep, ie in August and previous months that doesnt happen, which means it logged continuously. Im thinking my esp might have been damaged in powerouts. I posted about it here.

Thanks for the pictures and video, what is the signal strength of the Wifi connection? Could something have changed that reduced this signal strength? I have one unit that’s right on the edge of Wifi range and if I move it 10cm down it becomes very intermittent a difference of -74 vs -78.

You can find the signal strength on the top of EmonESP config interface next to the Wifi network name.


Where is this EmonESP config interface?

Looks like this: EmonESP/emonesp.png at master · openenergymonitor/EmonESP · GitHub
its running on the ESP module itself