Calibration emonESP from Russia

Hello everyone!
I am new to openenergymonitor from Russia.
Two weeks ago I received a CircuitSetup Split Single-phase Energy Meter with two transformers 2x 16 mm round YHDC SCT-016 120 A CT Sensors.
I can’t calibrate Energy Meter for a long time.
Through a lot of trial and error, I got an approximate tension. In our electrical network, it is 230v.
In the emonESP Voltage field, I entered 4540. But I strongly doubt that this is the correct value.
I am using a 9v AC transformer.
In the field of calibration of transformers CT1 and CT2, I enter 39473.
But the power values ​​are not strong.
Please tell me how to correctly calculate the data for calibration.

Welcome, Daniil, to OEM.

Unfortunately, the CircuitSetup Split Single-phase Energy Meter is not the same as an emonESP, it is not made by OpenEnergyMonitor, therefore we have only the same information that you have. I have never worked with a CircuitSetup Meter, so I cannot help you very much.

Have you looked at

There, they give numbers for the calibration. This is a guess by me:
If the voltage calibration for a 120 V : 9 V transformer is 37106, then for a 230 V : 9 V transformer it will be 71120. ( 37106 × 230 ÷ 120 = 71120)
But I might be completely wrong.
I think 39473 is correct for the current transformers, and I think the power will be correct when the voltage calibration is correct.

Thank you very much for your response. You helped me a lot.

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