Calibration coefficient on emonPi

Newbie here…
I would like to use the emonPi to measure the production of a small powerplant i have.
The problem im facing right now is, that the power plant can produce more than 100A at certain times.
On this site: are some recommended CT Sensors for the emonTx together with the calibration coefficients. Im assuming these would work with the emonPi aswell.
Now to my actual question: is it possible to set the calibration coefficient on the emonPi? If it is possible, I would greatly appreciate if you could explain me how to do it.

It is certainly possible, but it’s likely that you also need to change the burden resistor(s) in your Pi.

The front end of the emonPi is nothing but a cut-down version of the emonTx V3.4, so the calibration data for that applies equally to the Pi.

The easy way is to change "scales = " in emonhub.conf, and that’s something that you can do with your web browser. The harder (but in my view more ‘correct’ way) is to download the sketch from Github, edit it, compile it, transfer the compiled file to your Pi and then load it into the Atmega 328P via the serial link. That is documented - in the Wiki I believe. If you can’t get unity power factor with a purely resistive load (which will be because the phase error in your CTs is different), then if this matters to you, you’ll have to go down the hard route.

Thanks for your answer, I’ll see how it works out.