Calculate energy added and time to get to temp

i have knocked my head on something and got an idea for the outdoor pool

if i add 2 temp sensor to the solar mat (for inlet and outlet) and a flow sensor (hall effect type) would it be possible in emoncms to display how much energy is added and maybe predict when the inlet will reach a certain temp if system knows how many liters the pool is?

still planning the hardware side, need to control 2 pumps, one high flowrate for the pool and a low flow one for the solar side of things

dont axe me, it was just another crazy thought

Is it something like this, that you have in mind?

not sure, i would not call it a heat pump, but i guess you can call it that

the solar mat is one of these
you just place it in the sun and pump water through slowly to get max heat from the sun

i saw an youtube video where they said that if you know the flow rate and the temp gained you could figure how much energy is added, sadly they did not tell how to calculate

the pool itself is one of these
the pump i will use for the solar mat is the one shown in front of the pool

i just added a surface skimmer and the flow rate of the pump is now a joke, but is plenty for a seperate solar heating circuit

that is the flow sensor, it can handle the flow rate with a little to spare

for temp sensors sealed ds18b20’s would do

i just need to design and 3d print some adapters as the pool hose’s are 32mm and the flow sensor is 1/2" inch bsb

i guess it can be called a heat pump since it transfers heat from one medium to the other, here its air to water

i just normally think of a heat pump as a big unit that uses loads of electricity to get heat
of course here i use little electricity for the pump to circulate the water

will think of it before i sleep

Hmm, one of these?

or perhaps this?

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It’s doing exactly what a heat pump does, but probably on a smaller scale, so in principle the heat pump monitor will do what you want.

the person sized one could be used as a heater if adding water cooling loop to it

but i missed an Z, first post corrected :smiley:
shit happens when you are getting tired

yes, that is what came to mind, my head does not work as fast when its getting late

but yes, i guess it can do that, but do i need a CT for it? or can i read the watt usage and enter a fixed number?

and can i predict how long it will take to heat the pool to say 30C ?

You’re an hour east of me, and many hours east of Bill. Don’t worry about the missing ‘z’.

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That, forgetting losses, is pure physics. So Wikipedia is where you go. If somebody complains to me that their electric shower isn’t working properly, this is what I use:

Power (kW) = Flow Rate (l/s) × Temp.Rise (°C) × 4.2

Why might you need a c.t? That’s only needed if you’re interested in efficiency.

I’d say that would be extremely difficult, because the losses will depend on the air temperature, wind speed and the surface areas - which will lose heat at different rates depending on whether it’s the water surface, the pool sides or pool bottom. And if the losses equate to the heat input at a temperature less than 30°C, that’s the top temperature you can reach.

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will do, just finished setting up emoncms on the empty web space i have with my hosting company. closed down a small 3d print shop and the server is paid for rest of year.

what i will me thinkering about during the night and tomorrow is the hardware side of things,
something based on this: WiFi MQTT Control Relay Thermostat - Guide | OpenEnergyMonitor (or something self made with the ESP8266, i just need to figure about nodered and mqtt, not sure if the hosting company has those, if so i could live without a pi

or do i not think straight?

Sorry, I know nothing about MQTT and Nodered, so I can’t help you there.

it does not have to be super precise, a cloud could pass in front of the sun and scew up things

you are right, and i would also need an ac adapter (i think) but it could be fun to see how well it works. if anything i could add it last on the build list

you are right, so far we only have a black cover on top of it, i do plan to get a solar blanket for it which is just bubble wrap cut in a big circle shape

and if all goes to plan next summer we should be house owners and then the pool will be on a raised platform so it can be insulated on the sides and under it, more planning for that during the winter

but if that happens would it help things if i add sensors at the sides and bottom, under the insulation and on the outside of the insulation?

anyways i think its time for a lot of that ZZZzzzz… :sleepy:

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Crayfish. You’re right about the looks though. They do indeed look like a miniature Lobster.