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Buy made modules

I’m looking at building myself a powerwall.
A must is off course a BMS.
Most of the powerwall community is looking at the Batrium BMS.
But I cann’t wrap my head around the idea of building the powerwall with salvaged batteries and then spent 800-1000euro on the BMS.

I came across this project and have been reading/watching youtube movies all week.
It seems everything I need from a BMS.

Now I was wondering if I can somewhere buy soldered modules.
Don’t understand me wrong, I have no problem with soldering some components.
I’m a very regular Aliexpress buyer (on pause for the moment to see there response to the new EU rules)
But I hate waiting impatiently for different components.

So where can I buy ready made modules (battery modules en controller (with ESP32)). Preferable in the EU.
I think I’m not the only one with this demand. (maybe the illegal Ebay shop is proof of this).

Many thanks, and keep up the magnificent work.


Welcome Xavier, you are at the right place here see DIYBMS V4.40 x8 Modules (KIT) - Shop | OpenEnergyMonitor

I saw those !
But without controller I’m nothing.
And 8 is a really odd number, no ?

i got a 15kw powerwall i bought a good chinese bms to be my main safety then built diybms for monitoring and general interest.If the max amps the bms is going to see is say 50amps buy a bms at least double the rating as this.I got a programable one that you can set about 50 parameters and bluetooth comms for under£100.So far is has as i type been running for 463 days 13hrs 2mins so its very reliable.

8 is a nice number because it meets the needs of LiPo and LiPe 24vdc(you have a wonderful spare board for LiPo). My recommendation would be to try and connect with other folks that are planning an order and bulk buying/buying their extras. I am in the USA but noticed that it is hardly any extra to order 50 than the 14 I need and I have to order minimum of 5 controller boards so I figure I will post around on forums like this to see if there are others who want to team up.

I know Stuart is pretty set on this being a DIY product which I think we can all agree with but it does come with the tradoff of not having an always stocked store. If you ask he might know when/if he will be stocking the new controller boards on OpenEnergyMonitor. I imagine you will always have to buy the ESP32 separately but there are local/fast shipping stores for that most places. Best of luck :slight_smile:

What about the controller do you have them?

@Xtlife sorry I am not a seller. You have to ask @stuart

I’m struggling like the rest of the world with chip shortages, so finding it difficult to get stock to put in the shop.

:weary::weary: thanks guys, excellent work Stuart keep up the good work