Button widget does not work

I’m trying to control a relay using emoncms.org, I put a button widget on my dashboard and on it’s configuration sheet, select a “Feed” from drop down list and set “Value” to zero. I save the changes but in my dashboard, when I push the button it’s color changes for a while without any changes in the feeds value and after few second it’s color changes to the original one. how can I solve this issue?
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@ahmad your quite right. I’ve found the issue and fixed it. If you try again now it should work. You might need to do a full page refresh so that your browser loads the latest javascript.

The best feed type to use for this application is the PHPTimeSeries (Variable interval time-series) engine as it will only record a datapoint when you click the button rather than filling null datapoints for the intervening time.

dear Trystan
Thanks a lot.I checked the new version and its not still working with cyber fox buts it works with internet explorer.
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Hi there.
I think im having the same issues is the fix you did on emoncms pushed to the standalone version?
I am trying to update a virtual feed with a button . It starts red you click it , it goes green, then back to red and has not actually changed the feed value. Any help would be appreciated.

9.8.27 | 2017.12.21

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