Bulk import from cvs - how to set feed names

I have 3 IotaWatts running. However there seemed to be a problem with the communication with my emonPi so i lost the last 10hours of data.
On the IotaWatt i can set the graph for the feeds and export the data to a cvs file.
However i could not find how to update some specific feeds with this data… i found a php script to import it, but i do not see info on how to specify the feed name/ID.
Is this possible (without messing up the other feeds)?


I have just undergone this exercise (finally) with success. I suspect the scripts you have found are the ones that I have helped put together some time back.

If you can give a sample of what you are wanting to import and the script you have found I can try to help.

I could do with some one to check my latest scripts, I will release them out to th greater community, if you don’t mind being a 2nd guinea pig…

Also where is it you are trying to import to - local copy of emoncms, or emoncms.org?

@JimVdB: i am running a local emoncms on my emonpi.