Building & ordering controller and modules

You can use the files from GITHUB to order the physical parts for diyBMS.

The files are located here [GitHub - stuartpittaway/diyBMSv4: Version 4 of the diyBMS]. Look in the different branches on GITHUB for the different build options.

Its probably worth watching the “how to” video

If you want to get your hands on the devices quicker, they can also be brought directly from the O.E.M shop using these links. The items from the shop include the parts needed and are 95% assembled.

All options require some self assembly, some of the parts are small and are easier to solder using solder paste and hot air, or very careful use of a soldering iron with a fine tip.

You will also need some cables and JST connectors to join the controller and modules together.

Remember this is a DIY product and requires a level of knowledge to use successfully, and could be dangerous if not correctly used.

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I was just on the jlpcb website, going through the process there to test it out and also price what I’m gonna be ordering. Q1 it didn’t automatically select a component for. Clicking on it gives you two options to choose from. I wanted to make sure these were the correct components. See screenshot.

Looks like part number C20917 is out of stock, either of those two parts listed should be the same - the part number AO3400A.