Bragging, or just over my head i projects

Got my first big order Friday last week.

10 EmonPis
3 heatpump monitors
1 EmonTx v3

Looking forward to get all this stuff up and running…

Stage 1:
2x6kW solar PV
4x 1,5kW solar PV

Stage 2:
2x in house heat pumps

stage 3:
2x Solar water heater (1 vacuum tube, 1 flat panel)

stage 4:
8x refrigeration systems
(this is intended to be our training setup, to teach our students to set up a logging system).

stage 5:
1 external heat pump…

all tied together on a central webserver…


It sounds as if congratulations are in order. :smile:

it has been a 2 year proces to get this fare…

looking forward to end this task. It has been haunting me for e very long time…