Big thanks for a small change in the emonTx v3.4 manufacturing

@glyn.hudson - I have just sat down to add a 27R burden resistor to a batch of 30 emonTx’s and found the holes intended for this purpose are clear of solder this makes a huge difference when fitting additional burdens.

It sounds like a very minor point but it’s definitely worth a mention because this is one of my pet hates due to previously having had to resort to tacking the additional resistors to the back of the pcb rather than fitting them “through hole”, I had tried desolder pumps and wicking, even bought a new iron but it was next to impossible to fit them properly.

It was a very clear change on every board in this latest batch so I hope it is a change thats here to stay and future batches are the same, as it makes a big difference. It is quicker to do as it is less fiddly and a better result, Thank you!!

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Yup, the holes are here to stay. Glad you found them useful :slight_smile:

My thought was that removing an SMT resistor is quite easy but soldering a new one of a different value is much harder.

If you do want the resistors removed by us before shipping leave a comment with your order, it’s a two-second job with a high power soldering rework hot air gun :sunglasses:

Fantastic news!

yes removing the SMT’s is (was?) much easier than attaching a replacement, but since I was not overly happy with the way I was “tacking” the new one on the underside, I decided to try and make a positive feature out of it and attached the 27R in parallel to the CT4’s 120R in a way that it could be easily cut off to return the emonTx to “stock”.

I really should get a rework station, it would make light work of removing the battery holders too.