Best engine for Temporary Input value


I receive some values in Emoncms , that only needs to be displayed on the dash as I don’t need to store them , what feed engine will suit this best?


Hi Paul,

For the dashboard to work the data is required to be stored. PHPFINA is recommended.

If using emoncms on emonPi / emonBase / local server you could try using MYSQL Memory, I’m not totally sure if all dashboard vis types will work with this data type. Could you comment @TrystanLea?

What is your reason for not wanting to store the data? Why not store it, ‘just in case’! It might be useful in the future.

Hi Glyn

The values that I am using is trigger values for the LED widget and consist of 0 or 1 so it would not be really worth storing but what I have learned is that PHPFINA will be most suited. MYSQL Memory does clear upon the restart of MYSQL but while running it will pileup the data quickly. (in my test a hours log was about 5mb). You would also then have to “restart” MYSQL to clear the temp data at intervals.
All and all as you say PHPFINA stays the best option and hey in the word of Google , no data is bad data.