Be Wary of CT obfuscation

There are two pages in that spreadsheet. One has distortion “green” and the other not “Red”

Oops… apologies… my bad. I didn’t see the second page. Perfect thanks.

Too late - here’s a batch at 20.5A. That green one is hanging in pretty well.

SCT006-2.ods (100.3 KB)

Even better thanks. I’ll report back here if I discover anything we didn’t already know from it.

It turns out Input_3 (the good one) is more distorted than I realised by just eyeballing your plots in post 2. If it’s not stretching the friendship too much, could I get you to also capture and post the data for Input_4 (the bad one) when it’s well back from the edge please… ~10A maybe? The exact current doesn’t matter, so long as I know what it is, and it’s well away from the edge.

Then I can compare your worst one with mine, in non-distorted and distorted state.


sct006-3.ods (204.6 KB)