Battery widget now added to dashboard

A new widget has just been added to the emoncms dashboard which is useful for displaying battery values - for example on battery powered emonTX’s or other battery powered devices.

To update your dashboard;
Emonpi’s - run the inbuilt update script
Self-Builds - run $git pull from within your emoncms/Modules/dashboard directory

Many thanks to Vikas for submitting.



Thank you @Paul.



Any chance anyone could do a WiFi meter or signal meter pretty please :smiley:


Can you set the scales? Those will be great for my electric car battery dashboard !

Yes, no problem.


A few changes and is now part of my car dashboard :wink:




Would it be possible to be able to set the minimum value for the scale on the battery symbol so that i can say for a lithium battery 3V is the lowest and 4.3V is the highest?


I thought the same thing so have added it to mine by making some additions to dashboard_langjs.php and battery_render.js. Happy to share it with you if you can give me an easy way to share the files. Have changes quite a few dashboard things like text colours etc as well so your best off only updating only these files.
Or i can share with Paul/Vikas and he can tell me i did a crap job and delete them. Haha

Hi Roy, we generally use git as the development platform, as it enables us to see exactly what changes have been made and provides the framework for the code changes to be thoroughly tested before rolling it out to everyone else.
Are you using git? If so please submit a pull request and we’ll review what changes you’ve made.


Thanks @spike3312 - changes now merged to dashboard master branch which allow a minimum value to be set to the battery widget, creating a operating range.
@roy13 for info


Perfect, many thanks!

Awesome! Looks great. Thanks a lot @vkylamba and @Paul :thumbsup: