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When I first tried emocCMS years ago, it was possible to put an image as backgrund on the dashboard and then put some feed values on top of the image… Has this option gone in the new version of emonCMS??


I have a local Emoncms installation, under this link My Home Dashboard I had explained the assignment of background images.
The images are in this directory /emoncms/pictures/…


Its possible to add images with html image syntax in the paragraph widget

<img src="link" >

Yes it works quite well as above posts states.
Easiest is to place the images within the emoncms folder and then link as follow

<p><img src="/emoncms/images/Mobile1.png" alt=""></p>  

here is a sample of my dash

with the new feed value widget you can do just about anything!

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@ TrystanLea

What about a solution where you can upload a picture to your “userfolder” (needs to be created of course with userid) so that you could use pictures directly out of a widget? So we would need a upload functionality, user handling and a widget to select a picture. I can do some thing like changing the mentioned feed value widget but I do not know on how to implement my idea to this extent :slight_smile:

I use pictures a lot but it’s really not intuitive that you need to upload the pic somewhere or via FTP etc. to your server etc. and than use html image tags in the paragraph widget :slight_smile:

would it be possible to make this php file manger into a module??

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