Australian Use mk2

I’m keen to order the emonTX for use in Australia on three phase.
I did search the forum first, but the posts relating to Australia were quite old.

Can I just order the UK Power plug and then use an adaptor to plug it in to an AU socket? From what I understand UK and AU both use 230V at 50Hz.
I thought this would save me from needing to source something locally and calibrate it for phase shift etc.


Hi Michael, welcome to the forums.

How are you planning to monitor your 3-phase?
If you’re planning to use 1 x EmonTx with a single voltage source and 3 current monitors, where the voltage on the other two phases is assumed to be identical to the first phase, but 120 degrees and 240 degrees out of phase respectively, you’ll have to calibrate it anyway when you load the 3-phase sketch on. So buying the shop voltage supply doesn’t really save you any additional “work”.

If you are planning on using 3 x EmonTx’s with a single voltage and current monitor per EmonTx, then you’re correct that the shop voltage supply will provide a “pre-calibrated” solution.