Are there 2 version 4 controllers?

Hi there

My first shipment arrived from JLCPCB today the date on the v4 controller board is 24 July 2020 are these esp8266 only or can they be used with the esp32 as well

These are esp8266 only boards. The ESP32 controller PCB is larger and has on-board relays and other connections.

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Thanks I’ll get the esp32 version on my next order

If you are in US/Canada/Mexico I may have a couple left from the group buy that I made recently. I’ll be posting soon the count of available boards.

I’m in the UK I’d take them if you can post to me

I am interested. Just ordered the batteries for a 4s2p from Alibaba.

It would be better to order the boards from @stuart if he has any on hand. The shipping cost from USA to UK would likely be more expensive than the board itself if I was to send it.

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