Arduino WiFi Energy Monitor, GSM backup?

I am a complete novice so apologies in advance but I am keen to develop a new energy monitor and have seen both the arduino and raspberry pi could have the capability.

I am designing some hardware to monitor the energy production and consumption in various social housing properties in Manchester to help engage tenants and inform them ultimately to alleviate pressures linked to fuel poverty.

I was hoping to monitor the current of each circuit (between 6 and 12) various Amps with wireless ct clamps and transmit data to an Arduino board and have an additional input where Solar PV is fitted. The board ideally should have the capability to communicate via the WIFI network but have a GSM backup for redundancy and also for tenants without WIFi function.

Any guidance would be very much appreciated.

Many Thanks

Hi Daniel,

This site has everything you need for your problem - there isn’t a need to re-invent the wheel for this.

To Stuart’s answer, I would add: As well as looking at the user guide, “Learn” and “Resources” sections, also take a look at the old forums (“Archived”) and search there for relevant threads. There’s a huge amount of information available here, and I think you’ll find that each part of your problem has been solved more than once - all you need to do is cherry-pick the parts you need to assemble your system.
You should also check the Blog, because what you appear to be working on sounds strangely familiar.


Thanks for the info and signposting, there is certainly a lot of information. Very comprehensive and useful.
I couldn’t find any threads on wireless current clamps but there is a madlabs session/meeting this week that I plan to attend.

Thanks again

Something like this?

Thanks Bill, yes although I suspected this was for 3 phase supply - I had seen this that allowed for multiple inputs and have there is also Pressac that produce a single phase clamp example but wondered if anyone had experience of linking these with the emontx.

From the look of the websites, you will not be able to use either of those wireless devices with the standard emonTx sketches, and I’m fairly certain all you will be able to determine with them is a rough indication of apparent power using an assumed value of power factor (and unless you measure the system voltage independently, an assumed voltage as well).

You might want to describe in greater detail about the actual situation.

Are the houses part of a large apartment block or a row of houses?

Are you wanting to monitor multiple power circuits within each home? If so how many?

Is the power meter and circuit breakers all in one box? Where is this located? What is it made of?

Is there are power socket next to circuit breakers?

GSM as in 2G is being phased out in most countries, could someone comment when this might be occurring in the UK?

What sort of budget are you working to for each installation?