Arduino sketch implementation

In the following arduino open energy monitoring example folder I can find only two ino files (current only and voltage and current only).But, I want to monitor real power,reactive power,apparent power,powerfactor,cost of power consumed.what are the lines of code I must add in the sketch to get the data of parameters

/ EmonLibrary examples, Licence GNU GPL V3

#include “EmonLib.h” // Include Emon Library
EnergyMonitor emon1; // Create an instance

void setup()

emon1.voltage(2, 234.26, 1.7); // Voltage: input pin, calibration, phase_shift
emon1.current(1, 111.1); // Current: input pin, calibration.

void loop()
emon1.calcVI(20,2000); // Calculate all. No.of half wavelengths (crossings), time-out
emon1.serialprint(); // Print out all variables (realpower, apparent power, Vrms, Irms, power factor)

float realPower = emon1.realPower; //extract Real Power into variable
float apparentPower = emon1.apparentPower; //extract Apparent Power into variable
float powerFActor = emon1.powerFactor; //extract Power Factor into Variable
float supplyVoltage = emon1.Vrms; //extract Vrms into Variable
float Irms = emon1.Irms; //extract Irms into Variable

They are already there in the void loop() defined as floats

float realPower = emon1.realPower;


You will have to calculate cost of power consumed from your own billing costs