Apps shows in "Today" the energy consumed yesterday

I have installed Emoncms on a server and I have configured several users, one for each building that is monitored.
For all the users I configure an Apps because we like the design but in one of the Apps does not work correctly
When I set up “My Electric” with the power and energy consumed by the installation, the application shows the energy consumed yesterday. I have tried in several ways and it always shows me the energy consumed yesterday instead of the energy I have consumed during today.

The apps use the timezone of the computer/device your browser is running on but the data is imported into EmonCMS using the timezone of the EmonCMS console (set from the browser interface in My Account). If the two do not match, you will get issues such as you describe, can you confirm that you have set the EmonCMS timezone correctly?

Thank you. With the change that you indicate the graphics works perfectly.

Kind regards