Apps on don't work as expected

I have setup ‘use’ and ‘use_kwh’ are updating just fine but when I try and use the Apps they don’t work. The problems I have are:

  1. My Electric - I can’t see any Cost figures it’s been 12+ hours (and the day has rolled over) and the number is still 0. However the stats show the use_kwh figure is steadily increasing.

  2. Time Of Use - Once I created this type app I get a spinning black icon and I am unable to press any buttons on the app or even delete it.

  3. Two apps I span up after making this initial post seems to be partially working but the rest don’t work and due to the spinning icon (see above) I can’t even delete them from my App list!

I have no clue what I can do to delete broken apps and why none of the apps work as expected, I have google’d everything I can find that could be relevant.

Can someone help?

hosted or self-hosted?

emonSD or something else?


database updated from admin page?


new setup or just new additions?

anything in emoncms error logs?

anything revealed in a browser console (F12)?