Appliances to integrate with solarPV - and HomeConnect/EEBus?

The time has come to replace our washer and dishwasher. I had hoped that by now integration with solar PV would be a given, and indeed Home Connect exists for some appliances. However the app gets a mediocre rating so I wonder how well it really works.

EEBus appears to be the backend for Home Connect, as offered by SMA inverters for example. Are there any plans to offer EEBus in an EmonPi ?

Please save me from playing the “dishwasher timer solar lottery”!


I think you will find that the industry has yet to catch on - the days of dishwashers automatically pausing whilst the clouds go past are not yet here :-1:

Hoover do appliances that now connect with google home, and you can start the washing machine by the looks of it! not just receive a notification to say its finished.

PDF guide:

Does anyone know if it would then be possible to integrate with google home from a pi to control such a device connected to google home?

To conclude - in the end I bought a Grundig washing machine (actually rebranded Turkish “Arcelik” with a long guarantee) which uses so little energy on a 30 degree wash that it’s not really a concern. No smirking at the back please.
Other advantages over the old Hoover are much less noise, and dryer washing after the spin. Downside is a much longer wash time.
Hopefully next time the manufacturers will have caught up or I’ll have a Powerwall!

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