App not showing My Solar

Just getting started with my emonPi Solar PV bundle. On my Windows 10 desktop the default My Solar graph is working well. On my Android tablet I see the same view using Firefox, but the Emoncms App only shows My Electric. I guess I am missing something simple here.

Hello @ChrisJD the android app does not currently implement the my solar app. Its currently only supports the My Electric style view, with multiple pages of the view for different feeds possible.

OK, thanks. At least I now know what to expect. So I can graph any single feed on its own page, but no combinations?


The MySolarPV Emoncms dashboard does work well on mobile devices. The URL with the read-only API key can be bookmarked and pinned to your Android homescreen for quick access just like an app.

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@ChrisJD, @Chris_Birkett has offered to look at the app so you could ask here or else he might pick this up.

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