App Feed Creation Error and Fullscreen Visualisation

Good morning!

First time user of EmonPi and Emoncms and I’m starting my journey down the rabbit hole!

I’ve encountered a couple of issues which I’m hoping are user error!

I’m trying to create some app instances locally (not via Nothing fancy - just using the ‘My Electric’ app with custom feed names.

When I try to create an app with custom feed names I get the following error?

EmonCMS Error

Message: TypeError: datastore[name].data[0] is undefined
Route: Modules/app/Lib/timeseries.js?v=15
Line: 18
Column: 9

This error does not apprear if I use the default ‘use’ and ‘use_kwh’ feed names,

e.g. If I use ‘house’ and ‘house_kwh’ or ‘car’ and ‘car_kwh’ rather than the default names the error is presented when launching the app.

Is it something simple I’m doing wrong?!

Also, app seem to only fill the left half of my screen - the browser itself is fullscreen. Input, feed and other pages are fullscreen, but when I create an app, the graphs only populate the left half of my monitor - is the normal behavior?

I’ve tried clearing cache/cookies but the behavior remains.

Any guidance would be very much appreciated!

Hi Steve, welcome to the community.

Have you actually created these feeds yet?

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Hi Christian,

Thank-you for the welcome!

Yes, the feeds have been created. But when I go to use them in the My Electric app (via PC browser rather than mobile), I get the error message when I click the ‘launch’ app button.

It only seems to do it for the My Electric app. It doesn’t throw up the error on the My Electric v2 app and Time of Use app.