API Changes in v11?

I’ve had a PHP script querying the API endpoint /emoncms/feed/list.json for years.
I think it has changed since a v11 update I did in December (Only just getting round to fixing this!)

The script would run daily and check what feeds hadn’t been updated in a period of time - it was useful for some flakey hardware we had.

Example of the code


I think, since v11 the API no longer returns the interval with the feeds which means I can no longer accurately calculate the staleness of a feed.


Was this change intentional? Is there a way I can get the feed interval via a different API call?

You might find what you need from feed/getmeta.json which takes feed id as the parameter:


Poking around recent changes, it looks like the meta data is now optional

The default set may well have changed the default behaviour.

Yes there has been a recent change to this api, if you add ?meta=1 it will return as before. This was a performance optimisation as most api calls to feed/list do not use the feed meta data which is loaded from each feed individually.

Thank you all. Adding meta=1 resolved the issue.

I’ll post the script up in another topic for the rest of the community.

As a breaking change @TrystanLea, it really should have been flagged as such!

Release notes are so important as are commit notes in these cases.

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