Anyone running BOINC on an emonPi?

I wasn’t sure whether this was the right folder for this question, please let me know if not.

In addition to my emonPi, I have a Pi3 running my home media server, SAMBA and a couple of other bits. To try and make the most of hardware that is running 24/7 it also runs BOINC to look for asteroids, solve complex maths etc

So,I was wondering whether my emonPi (Nov2016 image) has sufficient spare grunt to also run BOINC and whether anyone has specific experience? I’d welcome any views


Hi Jeremy,

I run’s OGR client on a Pi2 as well as a Pi3. Both are in ventilated cases, but still manage to run quite warm. (60-65C)

I’d say the main concern with running a BOINC based project (or any software that constantly runs the CPU at 100%) on an emonPi would be overheating due to lack of ventilation.

Thanks Bill
My existing Pi3 is in a well ventilated plastic case, so I hadn’t thought about heat. I’d have thought that with my emonpi in its metal case in a less ventilated spot heat might be an issue. I suppose I could maybe run on only a couple of cores or reduce the %ge of processor time allowed for BOINC.

I’d be interested in other views / experience

A small fan directed at the emonPi’s case might be worth a try too.