Android app can't read feeds


I’m trying to set the android app ver 1.2.2 to read the local emoncms server. Actually, I installed the system with emontx and emonbase (Raspberry 2 & ethernet), I get report in the local server and access with emoncms trough the website; but the app show me error message: “unable to download feeds list. Please check URL and API settings as well as connectivity to…”

I set feeds with PHPFINA engine in the emoncms server and, I tried with local API number and both API from the, but no results event using the same network.

Can somebody help me, please?


Good work getting up and running. You need to enter the URL and the emoncms server and read-only API key into the Android app. If you’re running the latest version of emoncms on your emonBase you can automate this setup by scanning a QR code, see blog post.

Alternatively you will just need to enter in the details manually. The URL for local emoncms servers will need the /emoncms appended after the domain or local ip address e.g. Be sure to check that SSL is disabled in the app settings when connecting to an emonBase Emoncms server. Only supports SSL/HTTPS by default.

If you use SSL you must have a valid server certificate. Self-signed certificates fail with this error, as I found out.

Hi, I am trying to setup de android app 2.2.0

I manage to configure the url and API key with my local emoncms, unchecking the SSL box.

But I do not succed to connect to the remote emoncms in order to see my dashboard over the internet. These are the settings:
API: the one from my account on Emoncms - user login
SSL: checked/uncecked. Neither works

Note: the camera on my phone does not work, so can not scan the bar code.

Could you please help?


You can enter the read-only API manually into the app, ideally copy and paste for from an email / IM / SMS etc.