Analog input 6

I’ve been researching the project, specifically the emonTX shield, and noticed all 6 analog inputs are not used. Is there a particular reason the last input is not used for another CT? Thanks in advance.

I wasn’t privy to the design process, but I’d guess the perceived requirement to stay with 3.5 mm jack sockets and their physical size given the board size was fairly high on the list of reasons to stop at 4.

Sounds reasonable. Thanks. Any reason for not using more inputs if I create my own?

As above! If you’re stuck with the same board area, you’re probably looking at a terminal block rather than 3.5 mm jack plugs. EmonLib-wise, there’s no reason not to use the 5th current channel as long as you pick the correct method to tell it the input number. I can’t think of any other good reason not to. You’ll be customising the data packet - and you’ll need to customise the receiving end to accommodate the 5th current/power/etc.