All inputs and Feeds are inactive?

For some reason on, ALL my inputs and feeds are inactive. I haven’t changed anything at all for the past few years …??

I can see the current power generated by my solar panels but none of the history for the past few weeks …

its public :

Thanks in advance

That appears to be conflicting information. It would seem not ALL of your inputs and feeds have stopped.

Where does the data come from? How does it get to

Anything significant happen on April 16th? That’s when your data stopped and there is also a huge negative energy spike in the daily data in the graph at the bottom, but hardly anythings labelled so I’m not really sure what that is.

The “White fridge” and “Samsung fridge” graph traces look very much like solar graphs not fridges.

What do you see on the inputs page? Are all the inputs updating?

Where is the processing for the feeds you are displaying? Are those input process lists still updating? Are there any red “error” warnings on the inputs page?

Does all the data come from one place? Which feeds and inputs EXACTLY are not updating and which are?

Disregard the label description for the fridges, I was too lazy to change them to the proper descriptions for my 2 solar arrays … I can see the actual production but when I try and get the historical figures either on the bottom of the Main dashboard or if you go to the Aux Dashboard, you don’t see anything anymore … Nothing has changed on my end …

I send an input per array (actually per output of each inverter : 5Kw each). And then a few feeds were setup in order to create the totals for each and then a combined graph for each …

All the data comes from the same place and this is working perfectly except when we had a computer shutdown around the 16th of April …

The problem must be something new that must have changed on because as you can see the inputs are working fine …

Sorry for the late responses, this is a hobby and past time so I don’t always have much time to dedicate to this …

As mentionned this hasn’t been touched for the past 2 years and everything was working fine !!

Sorry this is still unclear to me, does all the data arrive in one payload? Or is there an input per array originating from the same place?

which is the exact time the data stopped accumulating, that is too much of a coincidence to be ignored.

I can’t rule that out, it’s certainly possible, but I cannot tell what that may be and I feel that the 16th April shutdown and the fact no one else is reporting a problem from are key clues to be concidered.

Well, actually no I can’t. You are showing us a dashboard that has some data movement, You have not shown us or described the inputs and the processing, or even confirmed the points I’ve asked about the inputs and processing.

If you open an input to reveal the processing, the values down the righthand side give a great insight into whether the processing is doing what you expect, Is it? Can you show us a processlist that is failing to save feed data?

How does the data get to emoncms? All you’ve told us is it’s one input per array and all from one place. Is it a emonTx/emonPi/something else? Does it go through emonhub/emonesp/something else? Does it get timestamped before it’s sent? Is the time correct on the device that sends the data?

Is there a log file or some way you can show us a request that was sent to and received by emoncms ok?

I’m using brultech 1240 with a CT per inverter for a total of 2 cts. I’m using script to send the data to

One item I checked that you ranted about was the timestamp and the date and time of the computer was March 2008. That’s why the history wasn’t accumulated! I’m sure if I check March 2008 on emoncms I will find the missing data!

Indeed it is! Lucky I “ranted about” it then!

Oh ya, a rant isn’t negative, its actually positive, unless i’m using the wrong wording but when we rant about something we bring out all types possibilities !!

Sadly I can’t check 2008 data because goes back only to 2011 for some reason …

Now I can concentrate on getting my local copy working properly, when I have the time …

According to this: RANT Synonyms: 46 Synonyms & Antonyms for RANT | you are. (using the wrong wording)

There are many definitions but this is the best one because this is where I come from and as you can see, its a passionate discussion and like I mentioned its POSITIVE !

Here’s my source : I Am Canadian : The Rant - YouTube

Cheers !

Yes the reason for this is that you cant post data that is older than the first datapoint in a feed :slight_smile:

Good to hear that you solved the puzzle! I was starting to worry there was something in!