Airflow meter

none of you know airflow meters compatible with emoncms?
The range is from 150 to 500 cubic meter x hour (typical VMC system in residential building)


I cannot say that I can remember this ever being asked before now. If you can find a meter that can produce pulses, like a water or a gas meter, then emonCMS (or more accurately the sensor node) can accept that.
Alternatively, if you find a meter that produces a digital output like some electricity meters and PV inverters, and you know the format and protocol, then it will probably be possible to accept that data, though it might be necessary to run a script in your server (Raspberry Pi?) to format the data suitable for emonCMS.
Yet another alternative: if you have a meter that produces an analogue voltage output, you could design a hardware interface for an Arduino and use that to send the data to emonCMS.