After updating to Emoncms Version low-write 9.8.15 no more values (widget) are visible on dashboard

After updating to Emoncms Version low-write 9.8.15 | 2017.11.18 Local EmonCMS with EmonBase no more values (widget) are visible on dashboard.
Emoncms - dashboard view “http://emonpi/emoncms/MyUserName

When I log in and go to the dashboard, all values (widget) are visible.
Emoncms - user login “http://emonpibu/emoncms/dashboard/edit?id=1”

Is this bug known yet?
If further data is needed, I can submit it.

Thanks for reporting, I have been unable to replicate the issue the widget values are displayed for me on my dashboard running the latest version. Could you double check that your feeds are public for the widget? Are there any errors showing in your browser Developer Console?

Hello @Luiflm2, I’ve been able to replicate and fix the issue, if you update again now that should fix it for you.
Thankyou for reporting

Hello @TrystanLea,
Thanks for the quick solution, can confirm that after the update everything is working again.
Wish you a nice Sunday

Me too, emoncms on hosting linux and after 9.8.15 update I’m unable to view graph and widget if I’m not logged in.

Why have you updated to 9.8.15?

We are now at 9.8.24, the issue discussed in this thread was fixed in 9.8.16.

I have the latest update 9.8.25 and my widgets are not visible.

Hello @PeterM could you try a full page refresh to see if they return?

Hi Trystan,
No they don’t return after refresh, I thought it was my browser but my mobile doesn’t show them either.

Hi Trystan,
Working now, had to config bars min/max feeds correctly these didn’t exsist when I configed dashboard in older version.
Cheers Peter

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