Advice for setting up monitoring system

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Hello Knowledgeable People

I would like to set up a monitoring system for a Solar thermal system, gas boiler (to be changed to a heat pump) and solar PV system. I will have the following outputs can anyone advise me on what hardware and setup I would need to create a web based monitoring system?

TSL261 which I believe has a 10V supply and flashes 2V everytime a kWH is read from my Emlite 100A generation meter.

3x Analog AC Current Sensor (20A) compatible with 3V3/5V micro-controller measuring
1x Heat pump consumption
1x Solar PV generation (this is tonfohble check TSL261)
1x Electricity consumption

To connect PT1000 temperature sensors to arduino

4x Adafruit PT1000 RTD Temperature Sensor Amplifier - MAX31865
Flow and return temperatures on solar thermal, heat pump space heating and heat pump hot water.

Solar thermalfow meter
Resol V40 Flowmeter
Which has a 25L/lmp impulse rate

Heat pump heat meter
Sontex Superstatic 449 Heat Meter QP1.5 3/4 inch

Any hints or advice would be greatly appreciated.