Adding two inputs

Hi . NOOB Alert
I have the latest software. I have an emonpi and am monitoring two CT clamps. CT 1 is on the Distribution board input.
CT 2 is in the solar output. I also have a separate meter for my car charger and have attached a pulse reader to it. The feed to the car charger is separate from the distribution board. So I thought I could get the Emonpi to add the car charger pulse output to the distribution board CT clamp output. I am sure the problem is me not understanding how it works.
The pulse reader (Car Charger) is set up as follows
1 Log to feed
2 x (X1)
3 Power to kWh
4Wh Accumulator

CT 1 is set up as
1 + input Node emonpi:pulsecount Car Charger
2 Log to feed Node emonpi: Use
3 - input Node emonpi:power2 Solar Feed
4 Power to kWh Node emonpi: Use_Kwh
5 Allow positive
6 Log to feed Node emonpi: Import
7 Wh Accumulator Node emonpi: Use

CT 2 is set up as

1 Log to feed Node emonpi: Solar
2 Power to kWh Node emonpi: Solar_Kwh
3 Wh Accumulator Node emonpi: Solar

This is my display
The Use reading stays the same even if I remove the pulse reader from the meter.

Anyone can help? please

46 views and not 1 comment in 10 days. Oh well its sorted anyway. Lots of experimenting.

@blawre0000 Brian, if I knew more about emonCMS, I would have answered you. If you think your solution would be useful to someone else, please feel free to publish it. If you don’t, then you’re committing somebody else to go down the same path as you did. I’ve suggested many times that the documentation on emonCMS is not as complete as it might be, but those comments have either been missed or other priorities have taken precedence. If in hindsight you can identify exactly the missing information that caused you problems, please say, because it’s that sort of feedback that gives us the opportunity to improve things.

I just abandoned the pulse reader and changed the CTs around and converted to a type2 installation.

I didn’t try to respond to your original problem because I know there are special ways to handle the pulse input - in essence, it needs differentiation to convert it to a power (i.e. the same quantity as the analogue inputs), but the rub is, in between pulses you have no knowledge of that. But I don’t know the details.