Adding a second EmonTx Shield transmitter

I’m wondering if it’s possible to add another EmonTx Arduino to my setup. I have a EmonPi that I put together and an arduino with the EmonTx shield.

I’m thinking about getting solar that will be feeding my electrical from another panel. So I would like to add another Arduino with a emontx shield at a different location in the house.

Is this possible to do? Can a single raspberry pi transceiver accept wireless signals from two emontx transmitters?

Or is there another option that I can use?


Welcome back, Colin.

Yes, it is possible to do, and yes, the emonPi can receive from multiple sensor nodes. All you must do is ensure you use a different NodeID for each sensor node (and configure emonhub.conf if the NodeID you choose is not pre-defined). You risk “collisions” in the ether if both happen to transmit at the same time, but if you use the latest r.f. library (rfmTxLib, not JeeLib itself), that should minimise the possibility.

The other option is to use an Arduino with Ethernet or Wi-Fi, and send the data to the emonPi via your LAN, direct to emonCMS and bypassing the ISM band radio link (and emonHub).