Add PV monitoring to an existing emonTX setup

I have an emonTX for two years monitoring my three phase installation. I’ve just installed a PV array (10.9kVp - 3-phase) and I want to monitor it through emoncms as well. What should I buy in order to “add” the PV monitoring along with my current emonTX setup and monitor them together, please?

Thanks in advance

What is that exactly? The emonTx requires somewhere to send its data. Where?

Without knowing any more, the simple answer, but possibly not the best, is an exact duplicate of what you have now, which (I am guessing) is an emonTx, a.c. adapter, 3 c.t’s and running the 3-phase sketch. plus whatever the original emonTx has to send the data somewhere.

Alternatively, you can wait for maybe a week or two for a blog post from Trystan about a new emonTx,

Sorry, I forgot to mention the emonTX uses a emonesp to send the data to Emoncms.

And yes, everything else you are right!


OK, there should not be a problem with having an exact duplicate of the arrangement that you already have. You will be able to do the maths to derive the house use etc in emonCMS.

Thanks a lot!! I will do that.