Add 2280 kWh (3 Month) from Januar to March - but daily (splitt it) - possible?


i read and read the FAQ to the Inputs- and Feeds-API again and again but don´t understand the system to add a package of 2280 kWh - from Januar to March - but splitt it daily to have a good Graph / App-Statistic.

I dont wanna add it with +feed - i use the app and have the files “use” and “use_kWh” and want to fill the “use_kWh” with the Data we track three month ago (from Januar to March).

it was 60 Days with 38 kWh each. How can i add it to my “use_kWh” ? in the feeds API - i can make multiple data points. how create 60 datapoints with 38 kWh each?

how can i do that?

thank you!!!