Accessing public dashboard is not possible using alias

I’ve created a dashboard that I want to make public for a narrow set of users. It’s possible to access the dashboard without logging in to EmonCMS using its id, like: http://emon/emoncms/dashboard/view?id=4

But its impossible to view it using its alias, like: http://emon/emoncms/dashboard/view/name

After login, both works. Is that by design? Could it be fixed if not?

I’ve just tried this and found the same, I cannot answer if it is by design or not but I expect not.

If you want to only give access to a narrow set of users, would it not be better to use the “readonly” apikey in the links you provide them? eg


This is slightly easier to set up as you do not need to set all the feeds and dashboard to public and you also have marginally better control over who accesses it as nothing is public.

However I have raised an issue on GitHub as IMO it should also work on public dashboards without an apikey.

Thanks for making the IR. My setup’s public face is a proxy which has the required security provisions and I didn’t want an additional layer there.