AC-AC transformer split to 2 emonTX

As the title, can I use the same AC-AC transformer and feed that into multiple emonTX units and to an emonPi ?
Also if the answer is yes, is the supplied (in the emonPi - Solar PV Bundle) transformer capable of powering two emonTX units at the same time ?

The ac adapter can power only one emonTx - that is because the power that can be drawn is strictly limited in order to preserve the accuracy of the voltage measurement.

So I think your most economical solution will be a 5 V supply capable of powering all 3 (emonPi, and both emonTx’s) and one a.c. adapter that feeds the voltage signal for measurement (but supplies no power) to all 3. Make sure you common the 3 a.c. inputs the same way (i.e. pin-pin-pin, and body-body-body) and of course the 5 V d.c.

Thanks for the info.