About the MK 2 "energy bucket"

With the MK 2 PV Router actively diverting 100% of the surplus PV to load(s) is it possible to see any current flow into and out of the “energy bucket” with a clamp-on amp meter at the mains?

And is there any trouble with the processor keeping up with having 2 big loads active simultaneously?

Yes. The diverter ensures the net power flow (not current) is zero over some interval. If there’s no current flowing then the diverter has nothing to do.

Even without a diverter and “energy bucket” shenanigans, at least twice day your house will likely naturally reach an equilibrium where PV output happens to match load. Even then, there’s likely to be current flowing because your inverter will only provide the fundamental frequency, leaving the grid to supply all the harmonics.

Great explanation, Thanks!