A few issues

We have been recording data from 3 phases from Oct 2017 to the end of July 2018 when it stopped logging. No idea why. Anyway, I wasn’ too bothered as we had a good amount of data with which to plan a PV system, so I switched it all off, but before I did so I grabbed a screen just so I could refer to something. Now, I’ve plugged it all back in to access the data and found that the data is now showing about a 1/3 of the previous. I’ve take a screen grab for the same period and it’s the same pattern but there’s about 1000W less.

Keen to know 1) how I can get this recording again and 2) which data set is correct?

Sorry cannot help with why the data view is different.

First thing will be to update the system (emoncms now on 10.x).

How is this installed?

Thanks, I have updated everything, and still the same issue with the data.

Is it recording again?

@pb66 can you help with this part?

@Adrian_Berry could you copy a screenshot of the graph settings? you should be able to do this by opening the dashboard in edit mode and clicking on the graph.