50% data quality, EmonTx v3 with Emoncms.org

Hi all,

My friends install (which I setup), using a solitary EmonTx v3 with wifi direct posting to emoncms.org shows only 50% data quality:

However all the data appears to actually be there with data points every 10 seconds. As far as I’m aware, I setup the feeds as per the standard instructions. This casues issues when looking at the graphs on the ‘My Solar’ app.

Anyone got any ideas?

Do you mean with the ESP8266 module?

How are you powering your emonTx?

Yes it’s using an ESP8266.

It’s powered by a 9v ac-ac adapter and also has a powered USB connection.

I wondered, as you didn’t mention it. Assuming that is capable of about 200 mA, then that should not be the problem.

I’m not familiar with the “My Solar” app, so I think this is one for @TrystanLea.

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Hello @markb this looks like the result of a mismatch between the interval that the data is posted to emoncms and the interval at which the data is saved to the feed. If you click on ‘Show options’ and put a tick in the averaging box you should see all of the missing data points disappear.

As this is on emoncms.org I can take a look at the account if you wish and see if it’s possible to fix.

Thanks Trystan, that does the trick for individual graphs. Maybe it’s a different issue, but this is what I see in the My Solar app (notice the solar flat sections):

Maybe it’s a different issue?

@TrystanLea any ideas?

Hello @markb I’ve fixed the feeds for you now, the app should now look much better.

Thanks Trytan, looking good :+1:

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