40S V4.40 setup for a Li-Ion pack of an old Peugeot 106

Hello all,

Just appreciate that hard work and time which Stuart spent on this awesome project! Thanks a lot for it.
Nevertheless, I have several questions:
As I need to connect 40S, how many control modules do I have to connect and how if there should be more of them? I have read somewhere, that 16 per one bank are possible and 64 in total (so 4banks?). In another thread there was mentioned up to 45cells for version 4.40 to not have data corrupted… So only one control module is needed? I’d like to have the ESP32 version hooked to it as it might be nice to also have all the main data regarding battery on it and not needed to connect to Wifi.

Another fact is that I have the whole battery of 40S separated into two boxes, one has 24S ant the another one 16. Those boxes are 2,5m far from each other, but connected to series of course. So I guess it might be good to have at least one control module in one specific box and both hooked to another central control unit with display in a cabin, would that be possible? Thanks a lot for the info!

i am running 32s on my peugeot since a few days ago and i can’t charge because i lose communication. Redirecting...

32S Li-Ion I suppose…? And was it working at the beginning or not? I’m still wondering how do I need to connect all the BMS system as I cant find relevant info anywhere! Stuart made perfect work that I really appreciate, but some tech info, params, limits, how many modules to connect per control module for which version and so on, I cant find such info in an easily-readable form anywhere… The only info I have found is just pieces from youtube from Stuart and other guys, from forums and so on…

It never worked.
all the info is in stuart’s and colin’s videos. max 32s max 100cells

Ok, I have received another info that you can use up to 16 modules per bank and you can connect 4 or 8 banks to one master module. But what exactly is driving the bank (control module??) and what is the master module (that one with ESP32?) isn’t described anywhere. So I’m collecting more info before I order…

you need to watch all the videos there are 2 controller versions for v4 (esp32 and 8266) and both can do the 100cells and 32s

Yes, I have seen some of them, so I’m somehow gettin into it… But thanks for the info provided anyway and wish you to run the system soon! :wink: