3Phases PV and network controll

I’m new here and I want to thank you all for this magnific community.

I have a 3P+N power network and a 3P PV instalation with a Solis inversor.
I need to monitor Total Power Network Consumption and Total PV production in order to calculate Energy Exported to provider and Network Energy consuption from provider.

I’ve already searched to make a draft for that and I think I’ll need:

1x emonTx to controll Total Network Power consuption;
4x CT Sensors (3P+N)
1x emonTx to controll PV production;
4x CT Sensors (3P+N)
1x emonBase

Then I’ll need to make an firmware upgrade on emonTX controllers in order to manage 3P configuration.

I’ll use EmonCMS to controll full solution.

Can someone share some solution like the one I’m trying to implement?

Thank you

Welcome, Filipe, to the OEM forum.

I think you have too many current transformers. You do not need a current transformer on the neutral wire. It will not tell you anything useful, because the neutral current should be zero. But it will not be exactly zero unless the loads on the three phases are accurately balanced. You need 6 current transformers only.

You will need a programmer to upload the 3-phase sketch to your emonTx’s, and of course you will need a 9 V a.c. adapter for each emonTx and a 5 V d.c. USB adapter for your emonBase.

And I think that will work.

In emonCMS (running in your emonBase), you will have three powers from each emonTx - one for each phase, and you will be able to add the three powers to give you the total power.

If you put the current transformers for the network (in the UK, we call it “grid”) connection on the supply side of the place where the Solis inverter is connected, it will show power coming into your house as a positive number, and power going out (“export”) as a negative number.