3ph OpenEVSE firmware. 5.0.0.EU vs 4.8

I recently built a three phase OpenEVSE unit. I used the US supplied advanced kit and added a 240V 2 pole contactor. So the original contactor is used for L1 and neutral and the other phases L2,L3 go through the new (Din mounted) contactor. I also added a 3 phase RCD and have kept the GCFI even though it is a bit of a duplication. I purchased a bigger box and mounted a Mennekes 63A socket on it. Input is a relatively short and sturdy 63A 5 core cable with three phase plug. I have interfaced to Emoncms on my own server.

Now I am trying to figure out what is the best firmware to use and I am sure someone here will have an idea. I am in Australia where things are pretty much the same as in Europe.

I started with the 4.8 firmware and currently have the 5.0.0.EU software. Things have been very muddled with 4.8 multiplying the power by 3 (good) for three phase but also for single phase Type 2 (bad). 5.00 does not seem to do any multiplication.

Basically, what I would like is as follows (and perhaps someone could explain if this is the purpose of 3ph-emonopenevse.hex 5.0.0?)

  1. If set to type 1, OpenEVSE to use 230V and the measured current for displayed values and to upload to emoncms.

  2. If set to Type 2, detects if single or three phase and multiplies power by three (only if 3ph) for display, storage and upload to emoncms.

So, I think I am best with 3ph-emonopenevse firmware. Is that true and does it work as I have indicated?
Sydney Australia

Hi David,

Please swap out the contactor for a 4 pole, as you want them all to disconect if somthing happens, could be very bad if one of the contactors fail and the other one is still connected. also you are driving the openEVSE hard to energise 2 coils

I would load the 3ph-emon firmware.

Hi Paul, thanks for that. The second contactor is driven from the AC relay contacts and not the DC contacts so there is no extra loading on the DC power supply. It uses a mere 1.3VA.

Point taken on the contactor and I do plan to replace it with a 4 pole AC contactor (thus also reducing the 12V DC dissipation from the original 2 pole DC driven relay).

I’ll have a go with the 3ph firmware. Does it work as I described (in terms of 1/3 phase, power calculation etc?)