3D printed cell monitor holder

Hi all, in process of building my first powerwall module (7S100P about 6kWh). Absolutely love this project and have had zero issues sourcing, building and setting up the BMS system.

Now that I have the packs together, I needed a convenient way of attaching cell monitors. So I designed an universal holder to clip into the widely popular 18650 cell holder framework.

You can check it out and try it out here: DIY BMS V4.20 Cell Monitor holder by Thucar - Thingiverse

Nice. This is a project I would like to get to grips with someday so please keep posts going if you can.

Any ideas on how to store old 18650’s. I have about a dozen in the shed slowly dying but no idea how to preserve them, how do you do it?

@SteffanCook Make sure the charge level is at the manufactured recommended (Usually around 3.72V) and just keep them as stable as possible temperature/humidity wise.

Charging them to a known level and checking the cells again when you take them into use, will also let you see if any of the cells have a tendency to self-discharge over time.